Mayor              Richard Duncan     Term Ends 5/2019

                        900 Greenleaf

                        Mexia, TX. 76667



District 1          Butch Newhouse    Term Ends 5/2019

                        921 LaVilleta

                        Mexia, TX. 76667



District 2         Blanca Rivera        Term Ends 5/2018

                       508 E. Hopkins

                       Mexia, TX. 76667




District 3         Geary Smith          Term Ends 5/2019

                       119 Kollman Rd

                       Mexia, TX. 76667



District 4         Delonia Williams   Term Ends 5/2019

                       702 S. Herman

                       Mexia, TX. 76667



District 5         Arthur Busby         Term Ends 5/2018

                       911 N. Red River

                       Mexia, TX. 76667



District 6         Scott Condon       Term Ends 5/2019

                       900 Shady Lane

                       Mexia, TX. 76667






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This year's levy to fund maintenance and operations expenditures exceeds last year's maintenance and operations tax levy. 



City Offices will be closed on December 22nd and December 25th.


Republic Waste Services will not be collecting trash on Monday, December 25th or Monday, January 1st. All services will be delayed by one day.

Consumer Confidence Report