The purpose of the Mexia Fire Department (MFD) is to protect citizens and their property from destruction by fire and to provide rescue and pre-hospital emergency medical treatment and transportation. The MFD accomplishes this mission by responding to and providing service at: fire emergencies, hazardous material emergencies, medical emergencies, rescue emergencies, and natural disasters.

In addition to emergency response, the MFD provides the following non-emergency services: inspection, education, investigation, and non-emergency medical transportation. The MFD also has an active public relations and fire education program.

The MFD strives to perform these services without accident or injury, within established procedures and protocols, without delay, and in a courteous manner.

This fiscal year, the Fire Department is budgeted the Fire Chief, Roberty LaFoy, 3 Shift Captains, 3 Shift Lieutenants, 12 firefighters, Paramedics, a Training Captain, and a Fire Marshall.