The City Manager, Jeff Arnswald, is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, and is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council.

This Department funds 4 positions, which include the City Manager, the Executive Assistant/Human Resource Director, the Custodian, and the Information Technology Technician.

The City Manager is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the City Council’s policies and is also responsible for the efficient operation of all governmental operations and activities.   The City Manager is also responsible for Personnel, Public Relations, Citizen’s Advocacy, Inter-Governmental Relations, Planning, Economic Development, Grants, Purchasing, Budget, and Special Projects.

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support to the City Manager and is also the Human Resources Director. 

The Custodian is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the City Hall, Civic Center, Girl Scout House, Police Department, and the Armory.

The IT Technician is responsible for maintaining the City’s network and communications.