Building and Code Department

 The mission of this department is to promote the health and safety of the citizens by ensuring that all applicable electrical, plumbing, and general construction codes are being met, and that codes setting standards for various nuisances such as trash, junk, litter, weeks, and junk cars are being enforced. This department also administers the health codes and inspects the public food service industry for sanitation.

The Building Official reviews permits and plans and conducts inspections throughout the construction process to ensure that all existing and new construction within the City limits meets or exceeds standards of the adopted codes.

The Code Enforcement Officer receives and responds to all concerns regarding possible code violations within the City of Mexia.

Planning and Zoning Committees ensures proper development through the implementation of the Zoning Ordinance, and related codes, and helps prepare for future growth of the City of Mexia.


Permits Required

All construction activities in the city require a permit through the Building Department. The permitting and subsequent inspection process ensures that all construction is done safely and in accordance with the adopted codes and to help the homeowner through the process.

Not sure if you need a permit or if your permit will require a plan review? Please call us at 254-562-4184.

Permit Required Checklist                   Building Permit Information                 Home Owners Affidavid


Plan Review

Most major projects require plan review such as new construction, additions, deck replacement, solar panel installation and signs. Please upload copy of plans when submitting online.

The city also provides permits online for projects that do not require plan review such as single-family residential renovations, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and others.

Most plan reviews are completed with two business days. Larger more complex projects can take up to one week. No work can be started until the permit has been approved and fees paid.


 Online Permit Services

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On-Line Applications

Electrical Permit

Certificate of Occupancy

Commercial Building Permit

Contractors Registration Form

Mechanical Permit

Plumbing Permit

Residential Building Permit


 Online Payment Portal

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Other Permit Applications

(These permits below must be emailed, faxed or mailed)


Accessory Building Permit Application                           Demolition Permit Application

Driveway/Culvert Permit Application                             Electrical Service Connection Application

Garage Sale Permit Application                                     Manufactured Home Permit Application

Outdoor Vendor Sales Permit Application                      Sign Permit Application

Solar Panel Installation Permit Application                     Swimming Pool Permit Application



In order to maintain safety standards in accordance with the state mandated minimum guidelines and the Ordinances adopted by the City Council, the Building Department conducts inspections of building and development throughout the city.

These inspections are designed to protect citizens, the environment and maintain a level of safety for the city.

Inspections are performed between 8:30AM and 3:30PM, request after 3:30pm will be performed the next day. You can make inspection request on-line  Request an inspection or find additional information regarding a permit or call 254-562-4184 to schedule an inspection.



The Planning and Zoning division manages existing planning and zoning, long-range planning, land and building development, and permitting. This division staffs two boards integral to the planning and zoning process; the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Zoning-Related Applications

From applications for variances to rezoning to special land use permits, the Planning and Zoning Division is ready to answer your questions, help you find the right forms, and explain the review process for your request. For any questions related to zoning please call (254) 562-4184.

Zoning Ordinance        Zoning Map     Zoning Variance Request          Zoning Change Request


Code Compliance

All property owners and occupants are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with certain standards. These standards are designed to protect the environment and maintain the appearance and property values within our city.

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for assuring that all existing residential and non-residential structures and all existing premises maintain minimum requirements and standards as set forth by City Ordinances as adopted by the City Council.

There are several ways you may submit requests or complaints:

Submit an on-line complaint thru the on-line portal

Download a complaint form and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drop off your complaint form at City Hall 101 N McKinney

Or call our office at 254-562-4184


Backflow Testing Program 

Federal and state laws require all water providers to meet certain standards to obtain, treat, and deliver water to protect public health.  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all water providers establish a Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.  Generally, this includes establishing requirements for the installation of backflow assemblies or devices preventing the backpressure or back-siphonage from unwanted connections that may threaten public health.  All backflow devices or assemblies:

·       Must be tested upon installation and at least once annually.  Additional testing may be required depending on the health hazard.

·       Must receive a periodic Customer Service Inspection.  The inspections are intended to identify and validate all device locations, their appropriateness, and determine if additional devices are required.

The City of Mexia has established a Backflow Testing Program to help assure that backflow prevention devices adequately protect the City's water system from potential health hazards.  The program requires property owners to maintain backflow prevention devices in good working order and to provide annual test reports as proof of compliance.  Implementation of this program is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).


Backflow testing is the owner’s responsibility and is paid for by the owner.  

All repairs, replacements, or overhaul assembly installations must be performed by a licensed backflow prevention assembly tester and permitted by the City of Mexia.  Click here registered backflow testers for an up-to-date list of companies and testers.


The City of Mexia utilizes Iworqs’ backflow prevention tracking software to maintain electronic records of backflow testing information.  Backflow test reports, tester licensing and gauge information are entered into the database.  The City of Mexia Building/Code Department sends testing due and over-due notices to customers with the last tester of record listed on the letter as a convenience.  Testing is due on the same date every year. Contact the Building/Code Department if you have any questions at 254-562-4184 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Failure of an owner to have the annual backflow testing performed will result in escalated enforcement measure that may include termination of water service and assessing a processing fee per City ordinance. Property owners may delegate testing activities to tenants, site managers, or property managers; however, the property owner is responsible and will be held accountable for compliance in enforcement proceedings.  Correspondence and enforcement notifications will be addressed to the party receiving the water bill for the address with the non-compliance.

Owners should remind their testing company to adhere to the City's procedures when submitting backflow assembly test reports.

Testers and Testing Companies

Certified backflow prevention assembly testers must register with the City each year, show proof of current TCEQ Licensing and that testing equipment is in accordance with current TCEQ regulations.  

All backflow assembly test reports for existing and replacement backflow devices can be submitted via the  Online Permit Portal   or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



All testing companies are required to submit test reports within 48 hours of the test date.  Failure to do so will result in enforcement notification to the customer regarding the non-compliant status of their devices.  If not, the ultimate escalation of enforcement could include termination of the customer's water service. 

For further inquiries or additional information pertaining to backflow guidelines, please contact the Building/Code Department at 254-562-4184.


Backflow Documents

Backflow Tester Registration Form

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Form


Adopted Building Codes

All Current Codes Effective: February 20, 2018

2018 International Building Code
2018 International Existing Building Code
2018 International Fire Code
2018 International Residential Code
2018 International Plumbing Code
2018 International Mechanical Code
2018 International Fuel Gas Code
2018 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code
2017 NFPA 70 National Electrical Code


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